Online Marketing Skills

Our in-depth skill set and 11 years of online marketing experience enable us to create highly ranked and successful websites. We cover every aspect of website development, from the foundation right to the finished product. Our creative flair coupled with our expertise, excellent organisational skills and dedication to the projects we undertake is what sets us apart from other online marketing and media companies in UK. These are the skills we bring to the table:

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The internet and social media have changed the face of online marketing in UK and around the globe. Our team keeps up to date with the latest online marketing trends and patterns and hence are well-versed in current practices. Our high-quality, online marketing strategy will ensure that word is out regarding your product or service.

Online Marketing is an umbrella term for a wide variety of web marketing techniques. Our online marketing skills and experience include work in the following fields: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

Online Media Buying

Social Media Marketing

Website Monetisation

Conversion Marketing

Email and Newsletter Campaigns


With over 11 years' experience in Search Engine Optimisation, Creatives Media implements only the best international SEO practices and methods in order to put your website on the map. We strive for the kind of website that is both visible in search engines and user-friendly - we guarantee the visibility of your business online!

Professional On page SEO

Link Building

In-depth Reporting

Competitor Analysis

Comprehensive SEO Audit

Web & Graphic Design

In the online marketing environment, design is everything. People only spend a few seconds on a website at a given time so if your site is poorly designed, chances are that potential customers will leave the page and search elsewhere.

Creatives Media has a top-notch web design team that strive for the highest quality in all that they do. The team is extremely capable and can create anything from flash images, to illustrations, logos, mailers and much more. Our graphics will perfectly capture your concept and message and help you call potential and current customers to action.

Web Design

Graphic Design

Flash and Animation

Logos and Branding

Email and Newsletter Design

Avatar Design

Banner Advertising


Web Development

Creatives Media can take your vision of a website from its foundation planning phases to an implemented and high-quality end product. Our custom site development is designed to fit your needs. Our development team has a wide range of programming skills so there is no limit to the functionality and design of your site! This web development team works hand in hand with the SEO team ensuring seamless integration of usability, functionality and search engine optimisation.

Project Planning

Website Information Architecture

Website Conceptual Design

Layout Design & Optimization

Rich Snippet Optimization

Web 2.0 Website Design

HTML 5 and CSS3

Custom Blog Development

Custom Forum Development

E-Commerce Web Design

Multi Language Web Development

Database Development

Content Management Systems

Campaign Pages and Mini Websites

Custom Content Writing

Custom Content Writing

Content is the key to success in Google and it is crucial that you employ only the very best, meticulous writers to get the job done. New Google developments show that when it comes to your rankings, high-quality, engaging content is one of the main factors influencing how search engines view and rate your website. Our team has extensive qualifications in writing and we are capable of producing highly original, compelling and SEO-friendly content. Anyone can write, but how many writers on the web really grab you and drive you to action?

Content Management


Content Writing

Writing of SEO targeted content

Newsletter Content

Promotional Content


Blog Posts

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

As everyone knows, web hosting can sometimes be the thing that makes you want to pull out your hair. Creatives Media will assist you in finding the hosting solution that best suits your unique needs, be it Windows or Linux. Should we design and build your website, we could host it for you too. One stop shop, as they say.

Website Hosting

Domain Management

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