Top Online Marketing Bloggers in South Africa

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The following individuals have been selected for their passion in the online marketing and digital space in South Africa, their social media and blogging presence and their overall online visibility. These passionate bloggers are an inspiration to those interested in online marketing and blogging in the South African context.    

Ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, here are South Africa’s top online marketing bloggers:

Top Online Marketing Bloggers in South Africa

1.     Dave Duarte – 

I first heard Dave speak at the Getaway Travel Conference at the Upper East Side Hotel in Woodstock last year. Dave is a convincing, entertaining speaker passionate about new media. His blog provides useful advice for writing better web content and being an effective communicator online. He also addresses questions regarding social media marketing and its use in customer support.

Dave’s approach to online marketing can be described as free-thinking and he proposes that not having a social media strategy is the ultimate strategy. He states, “Social Media is not just a communications channel that can be managed and controlled. It is a not just a set of technologies to be mastered, it is a cultural reality to be engaged with. It promises to expose the corrupt and reveal the extraordinary, and if nothing else it is to guaranteed to keep us on our toes. It is chaotic, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. So the best social media strategy, then, is not a strategy at all, it is to be purposeful, ethical, and transparent and let our communications and behaviours flow from that.”

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2.     Nic Haralambous - 

Nic is a qualified journalist and mobile entrepreneur. He has experience working with big names such as the Mail & Guardian, and Vodacom SA. He is also well-known as the founder of Motribe, a platform allowing users, brands, agencies and publishers to build and manage their own unique mobile social communities.

Nic has recently been in the limelight for his ecommerce sock business. Yes that’s right. Nic has come out with a range of funky, designer socks that are now even being worn by Hollywood stars. Who said socks wouldn’t sell online, huh?

Nic is known for his honest, quirky writing and catchy blog titles. He blogs about customer service, his work as a journalist, lessons learned, entrepreneurship, SEO and lifestyle topics. But be sure to check out his quirky blog on too.

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3.     Mike Stopforth -

Mike is CEO of Cerebra, an integrated strategic communication agency. Cerebra’s client list includes big brands such as Woolworths, Distell, Nedbank, Vodacom, Lexus, Toyota and others. 

Mike is particularly passionate about social media and marketing and lectures at business schools on a regular basis. He was named one of SA’s 300 Young South Africans To Take To Lunch – in an article that featured in the Mail & Guardian newspaper in 2009. In 2010 he was named one of the “35 men of influence under 35 years of age” by GQ magazine.

Mike’s blog covers lifestyle topics, digital media, entrepreneurship, marketing and advertising and more. The versatility of Mike’s posts and the personal approach to his writing is what makes this one of the top blogs in the field of online marketing in South Africa.

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 4.     Max Kaizen -

A rose among the thorns, Max dubs herself a culturesmith, researcher, educator and activist. She is public lead for the Creative Commons in South Africa and digital rights and intellectual property are her passions. She is also a founder and senior researcher at Huddleminds, an educational software company. 

Max’s blog posts are engaging, thoughtful and offer an intellectual, researched approach to topics such as digital marketing and copyright. She furnishes readers with a wealth of inspirational and motivational articles.

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  Top Online Marketing Bloggers in South Africa

 5.     Nick Duncan –

Nick Duncan is the online marketing go-to guy with years of experience in programming and online marketing. This resourceful man is the founder of myScoop, once called “the real-time South African blog aggregator”. Today myScoop offers South African bloggers the opportunity to monetize their blogs and it also offers advertisers an opportunity to spread their message in a much more relevant way. Nick also owns Code Cabin, is the founder of PingPong and co-founder of a company called AirWeddings.

His blog is filled with plenty of great online marketing ideas, digital marketing topics and how-to advice for small businesses. 

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6.     Mike Sharman – 

Owner of Digital Retroviral Communications, Mike adds plenty of spunk into the digital communications world. His blog,, addresses a wide variety of marketing topics and down right quirky subject matter. Mike isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. And we sure do love him for his honesty.

Mike launched Retroviral in 2010, a communications company that subscribes to the 3R’s = “remarkable content, seeded to the right people, leads to the contagious word of mouth results that a brand requires to stand out from the crowd in various, noisy digital environments” – hence the ‘viral’ part of ‘retroviral’. The motive behind Retroviral is to create remarkable and moving brand stories and this is evident in all aspects of Mike’s online social engagements.

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7.     Adii Pienaar –

Adii dubs himself a rockstar entrepreneur, web designer and developer and is co-founder of the successful Woothemes company based in Cape Town. Woothemes is an off-the-shelf product, which enables WordPress users to purchase beautiful themes that go way beyond the standard ones on offer at WordPress. The company also runs WooCommerce which is a toolkit for those interested in WordPress ecommerce functionality. In fact, Adii’s venture has been so successful that it doubled its revenue within the first two years of establishment. 

Adii’s creative, free-spirited nature and his passion for design and for the web are evident in every blog post he writes. But this top entrepreneur isn’t all about business and web design. In fact, Adii started The Rockstar Foundation, a non-profit organisation with a purpose to mentor young women and empower them by means of educational grants.

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8.     Arthur Goldstuck – Mail & Guardian’s Thought Leader / Mark Lives 

Arthur Goldstuck is a well-known web personality, journalist, media analyst and ICT commentator. As owner of World Wide Worx, a research organization focusing on such as ICT issues, small business and mobile technologies in business, he departs crucial statistics to the general public. Arthur has conducted extensive research on the number of South Africans using the web as well as the extent of Internet commerce in the country.

Although Arthur doesn’t have his own blog, he contributes to numerous blogs across the country. He writes for the Mail & Guardian’s Thought Leader and covers everything from politics, digital news, blogging, IT and finance. His musings also appear on Mark Lives where he importantly discusses the future of digital media, brands, mobile growth, ecommerce and more.

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Who do you think we should add to this list of South Africa’s top online marketing bloggers? Who have we left out? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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