Top 10 Female Bloggers in South Africa

Posted by on July 13, 2012, 1:55 p.m.

These top female bloggers are determined, dedicated and better yet, they’re inspiring other bloggers all over the country to step up to the plate. These ladies blog either for business or pleasure or for both, and they are doing what they love in style. The Top 10 Female Bloggers in South Africa have shared their blogging stories with us as well as reasons about how and why they started blogging. They’ve provided newbie bloggers with some really useful advice, so if you’re an aspiring blogger, be sure to read on!

Here are the Top Female Bloggers taking South Africa by storm:

Dawn Jorgensen - The Incidental Tourist


“With a background in tourism and more than a decade spent designing dream holidays, I have had the opportunity to travel and explore many wonderful places around the world. For this, I am most grateful. My desire to share these experiences, together with my love for photography and writing, inspired me to start my blog two years ago.

I'm a natural traveller and also a firm believer that experiences are enhanced when shared, and my blog allows me to do just this. I can relive my adventures through my writing. There is so much beauty to be found everywhere I look, specifically in nature, and as The Incidental Tourist, I'm also able to raise concerns regarding conservation, specifically of ocean creatures and seals. This is something very close to my heart. My advice to anybody who is considering starting a blog would be to not hesitate. Follow your heart. Share your passion. And most importantly, write. I'm delighted to be a part of this wonderful blogging community. Join me there."

Follow Dawn on Twitter: @dawnjorgensen

Heather Moore - Skinny Laminx 


“I'm not sure how word spread, but I started getting feedback on my blog, and started developing relationships with my readers too. Soon enough I'd discovered that a blog is like one of those little Tamagochi virtual pets - you have to keep feeding the blog, or it will die. The interactions with people were fun and very encouraging, especially as I was working in a bit of a vacuum in my design studio. I have lots of readers from abroad and I find their positive feedback particularly encouraging and pertinent since South Africa can sometimes feel rather far away from the rest of the world! I also found the discipline of publically recording what I was doing useful to my own development as a self-taught illustrator and artist.”

Follow Heather on Twitter: @skinnylaminx 

Emma Jackson - Stuff By Miss Emma Jude


“After several years of working (albeit creatively but in the commercial sense), I realised that not only was I no longer drawing pictures, as I had been in school, but I wasn't even writing that much anymore either. I found myself craving an outlet, some sort of release. Resolving these feelings is quite a personal thing and means something different to everyone. But for me, I dealt with this by starting a blog - my little piece of creativity. “Artists”, in the more traditional sense of the word, would gawk at such a statement but the concept is quite simple really.

We all need that little something but most of us don’t have that little something because we think we need to be able to paint like Picasso or dance like Lady Gaga or recite poetry like history’s greats, when in fact creativity comes in many forms. Stuff by Miss Emma Jude is my little creative something. I have tastes, options and things that I fancy and my blog is a documentation of these things. It is like a digital scrapbook of Me.”

Follow Emma on Twitter: @MissEmmaJude

Tamaryn Watkins - ExMi


“I started blogging about six years ago. My blog was called "Expensive Mistakes & Cheap Thrills" (which is where the pseudonym "ExMi" comes from) and back then it was all about my life as a carefree, young and single law student living in Durban - experimenting with sex, life, alcohol and partying. That blog and part of my life was left behind when I moved to Joburg, met my fiancé and had a baby. Since then I've been blogging - somewhat sporadically - at "Life is [nothing] but a series of blonde moments". I've never bothered to classify my blog - I guess it could be called a personal/life blog. It's all about me, it's about my kid, it's about my fiancé and our relationship and how much this has been teaching me and how much happiness and love this has brought into my life. It's about the realisations and shifting priorities and how life has changed since I had a baby. It's about life-lessons and mistakes, it's about growing up and taking responsibility. 

While so much of my life has changed in the six years that have passed since I first began blogging, one thing hasn't. I still have the same twisty sense of humour. I still have the same raw honesty, I just don't show it as often as I used to. This is mainly because I don't feel compelled to share as much of myself and my life as I used to like I did when I first began blogging. I now have someone to share my dark and twisty bits with - so I'm less inclined to spill them out in blog posts like I used to! 

Nevertheless, my blog remains as a record. A record of special moments, pictures, thoughts and emotions - and that's what's important. If I had any advice for other bloggers it would be this: Remember that you're blogging for you, not for anyone else. Comments and readers are lovely, but you, as the writer should be the most important aspect of the blog. Never let what other people think affect the way you write and the way you share yourself and your reality. Don't bother too much with stats and page views. (I don't have any analytics or a stat counter or anything on like that my blog). Just worry about being true to you and expressing yourself to the best of your ability - the rest will follow.”

Follow Tamaryn on Twitter: @exmi

Kim Kruyshaar and Viv von der Heyden - The Scenic South

kim and viv

Environmentalist Kim Kruyshaar and yoga teacher Viv von der Heyden, having sons of the same age, became friends twenty years ago. A shared passion for the great outdoors and for a positive approach to dealing with issues in their community cemented the friendship and culminated in their establishing of the Scenic South Blog in November 2009.

“Our posts are about a wide range of topics and showcase the many positive aspects of living in the Southern Peninsula, an area abound with natural beauty and inhabited by creative and dynamic individuals and active NGOs and community organisations. Through our blog we encourage people to live in tune with their surroundings and to live life to the full,” says Viv.

“Like the mountain footpaths of the peninsula that we enjoy, growing the blog has at times been steep. We reward ourselves for persevering on steep learning curves and have surmounted various barriers. We have a growing appreciation for what we do and receive many contributions from readers who take pride in discovering and writing about new gems - whether it be people, places or passions of the South Peninsula,” says Kim, Viv’s partner in crime. 

Kim Gray - Kim Gray


“ was born four and a half years ago as an extension of my online styling portfolio. I started it with no expectations and began it as a hobby and creative outlet that soon became a passion and later a business.

My best advice would be not to compromise on quality and accept or feature anything thrown your way. Believe in something when you speak about it and don’t forget to showcase your own style and quirks. Individuality is what is special about a blog.” 

Follow Kim Gray on Twitter: @kimgray

Milisuthando Bongela - Miss Milli B


“I started blogging in 2010 firstly to see if I could do it, and secondly because I wanted to capture my first trip to New York Fashion Week to show to my friends and family.

Blogging is one of my favourite things to do every week because it's like my own personal, unedited and uncensored platform of expression. It is definitely one of the greatest platforms of self-expression that the 21st Century has given us. The one thing I would say to aspiring female bloggers: Have your own perspective on things and you'll never run out of content.”

Follow Miss Milli B on Twitter: @missmillib

Natalie Roos - Tails of Mermaid


“I started my blog on a whim one day after a series of unfortunate events. Facebook and Twitter didn't have enough characters for me to share my ramblings, so I started my blog and shared my thoughts. I posted the link to Facebook and couldn't believe when my friends started commenting and asking for more posts. Over the past two and a half years I started posting more often and this year I started taking my blog really seriously. I now post at least once a day. 

I post about events, about Cape Town as well as about funny and weird things that happen to me. I post about festivals quite a lot, about wine and recently I blogged about my cat. I don't post to get hits. Blogging is my passion, not my profession. I post because I really like writing and sharing. 

Writing my blog has offered me so many amazing opportunities and I've met so many awesome people through my blog. Even if you blog just for your personal pleasure and as a way of keeping a journal, having a blog can be lots of fun. Here's a link to a blog post with a little bit of advice for aspiring bloggers. 

Follow Natalie Roos on Twitter: @NatalieRoos

Vanessa Raphaely - Hurricane Vanessa


“I started Hurricane Vanessa because I believed blogging would be the easiest way to get experience in that particular media space, and at that time, we were moving our company out of traditional and into new media. I thought I needed to understand that world in a hands-on way. The site was really just playful experimentation, but then it took off.

In the 3 years of its existence, it has had over 2.7 million hits, has been quoted and extracted all over the world, it has made news and landed me on the pages of most of our National Newspapers. 

I figured, in the beginning, that enough people were doing the serious stuff and there might be an audience for something silly, stimulating or pretty, while readers drank their morning coffee and ate a muffin. Just some light relief, in amongst all the hardcore political stuff.

It also had to be superficial, because I do not have the time to concentrate on it, or be thoughtful, at all. (I have to run a business of 170 people and 6 big brands, raise 3 – sometimes 4, – children, and also spend some time with my husband. Plus I like bad TV, running, good books and long walks on beaches and mountains.)

So while I like bringing cool nonsense to cool people’s attention, blogging is not conducive to any of the other stuff I like. And when I do too much of it, it makes my back hurt. 

Also I didn’t factor in how much rubbish I would have to sift through to find the gems. That can be soul destroying. So what to do with it?

Hurricane Vanessa does have great brand recognition now, although we haven’t exactly figured out how to make real money out of it. And as I have a company to run, I live with the knowledge that my time is worth too much to spend too much of it wading through Copyranter, or Styleite, looking for content. If it made decent money, it might be different! I now have a Klout score, in the top 5% of the world, and just, just below COSMO’s (47 if anyone can explain exactly what that means – I have no influence at all over my children, husband or dogs.)

Sometimes I want to cringe that I am posting on the Kardashian’s when the country is marching, or Tsunamis are crashing down on children’s heads, but I do think there’s usually a need for a cheeky monkey and a smile on a grey day.

My advice to other bloggers, female or not? A good blog will help you build your own personal brand, but there are very few people out there who are making proper money out of them and if you aren’t a salesperson or haven’t got time... It’s not a given that even if you have the numbers and the engagement, that the advertising or sponsorship will follow."

Follow Vanessa on Twitter: @hurricanevaness

Karisa Nicholls - My Love Affair With Cape Town


“Last year June I embarked on a 4 week solo journey through Italy.  I knew I'd be seeing and experiencing so many amazing things along my way and I wanted to make sure that I could share my adventure with my family and friends. A blog seemed like the perfect option. No detail would go untold and I would also spare myself from telling and retelling my stories upon my return home.  Just like that My Love Affair with Italy was born. I tried to do one post a day to recap on what had happened that day or the day before. I never thought anybody other than my direct family and close friends would read it. And I also never thought I would keep blogging after I got back to Cape Town. But somewhere between Venice and Capri, the blogging bug bit me... hard. By the end of my trip I was getting quite a lot of hits which was very exciting and people were encouraging me to keep the blogging thing going. 

So I guess you could say My Love Affair with Cape Town is kind of like a "spin off" or "sequel" to my first blog project. I've always loved Cape Town. It really doesn't matter what places I travel to and what beautiful things I see, I'm always very happy to come home to such an incredible city. And now I have the perfect platform to brag about this amazing place. I also have to admit that my blog has become a much-needed creative outlet. My day job is in IT and it can get quite dull at times.  My Love Affair with Cape Town allows me to share my passions and show my true personality. I think it will be quite fun to use it to look back on my life as it also takes the form of an online diary in a way.

My tip for newbie bloggers - just be yourself. I know this sounds incredibly cheesy, but it's solid advice, trust me. I try to write exactly the way I would retell a story to a friend. That way people get to really know you and they can then decide whether you're the kind of person they'd be interested in following. Trying to copy the style of another blogger just doesn't work. You have to find your own unique style, your own niche and then talk about the things you feel strongly about. That is what will draw people to your blog.  Also NEVER punt products or places on your blog if you're not really a fan of them. People can lose their respect for you if you do so.”

Follow Karisa on Twitter: @CTmylove

Congratulations to our Top 10 Female Bloggers who are taking the online world by storm. Do you know any other female bloggers in South Africa who deserve mention?

Posted by on July 13, 2012, 1:55 p.m.


19 Comments about "Top 10 Female Bloggers in South Africa "

zaamissbowtie says:

13th of July 2012

Some new ones I've never heard of there :P

Nina says:

13th of July 2012

Definitely! What about Carlinn with her blog 'Superficial Girls'? And Amy Scheepers of 'Wolf and Wood'? (the link to my blog, I would love it if anyone can visit it and give me some advice)

Michael Olivier says:

14th of July 2012

What! No female food bloggers? Shock! Horror!

Elizabeth Joss says:

16th of July 2012

Thanks so much Michael - I would've loved to feature a food blogger! Any ideas RE who would fit the bill?

Tessa says:

16th of July 2012

I think Janine @ Being Brazen deserves a mention and am rather surprised she's not in the above list !

Cecile Blake says:

16th of July 2012

Hmmm not sure about this list...... you left off Vicki Sleet from iwantthat? and ? and Miss Moss- she is HUGE, internationally especially, but she's a local graphic designer

Elizabeth Joss says:

16th of July 2012

Hi Cecile - I actually contacted Miss Moss a few times but no response from her! Thanks so much for letting me know about Vicki Sleet - I'll definitely check out her site now. Thanks so much for your feedback!

Anon says:

17th of July 2012

Regarding Michael's comment, there are so many great female food bloggers. Alida from Simply Delicious, Sam from Drizzle & Dip, Jane-Anne from Scrumptious, etc.

Annika says:

17th of July 2012

Thekla Schwager from Domestic Goddesses would be awesome for food blogger!

Cathryn says:

17th of July 2012

Definitely! Lucky Pony, Itswhatiminto, Miss Moss, Wolf and Wood - these should all have been a definite!

Leanne says:

19th of July 2012

Hi, What is the criteria for these ladies being the Top 10 Female bloggers in SA? Thanks!

David says:

4th of August 2012

for female food blogger check out

Lisa says:

14th of August 2012

Thanks for this great list that you have compiled. I am a woman blogger myself, and i am hoping to mingle with other women bloggers. Would love some advice on my my blog which I just started recently at, the niche is self growth. I would mean a lot if you told me what your thoughts are

Kay says:

5th of November 2012

Aisha of My Fro & I is an up and comer. Love her blog and hair styling tips, we definitely need more Black African hair bloggers, and she's fab:

petre says:

3rd of January 2013

I love bloggers in SA our women should keep blogging ahead thanks.

marketsearch24 says:

15th of January 2013

excellent blogging site, thanks !

CoCo says:

25th of January 2013

Wow!Wonderful ladies you girls are truly an inspiration.Check out my blog please and give me some comments and advice, I would really appreciate it.

Natalie Johnson says:

19th of February 2013

Another good food blogger is: Was one of the Dinner Divas (Tami Magnin)

Kirsty2013 says:

18th of March 2013

Does blogging only have to be about food|Fashion? Or can it be about everyday life (in the traffic|Suburbs) etc? If I started something like that would you read it or is it too blasé?

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