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Online storage allows one the ability to save and access documents and information from virtually anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. This cloud-based software is an especially useful tool for business people who are constantly on the go, who make use of multiple technological devices and who need to transfer and access information between these devices. 

For example, someone who works in an office may make use of an online storage facility on his/her work PC and save files using one of the below cloud-based programs. He/she may then go home and access these files on his/her home computer using the same software and login details. Alternatively, those on the go are able to access files on their tablets or smartphones and can edit documents and add to these folders from almost any device that makes use of the software in question. So basically, one can run a cloud-based program from virtually any device and sync your files between these devices (i.e. your smartphone, PC or tablet). 

Free online storage can therefore help improve productivity and can also allow teams who are spread across the globe to access the same information from one unique online space. 

Here is a list of the top free online storage options available on the web:

google drive

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a newcomer in the online storage sphere. You can save up to 5 GB for free and you can access your documents and files from anywhere using your Gmail login details. If your data takes up more space than 5 GB, then you can simply upgrade to 25 GB for under $2.50 per month. 

Google Drive is compatible with PC and Mac and you can also use it on Chrome OS, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. What’s great is that there are special apps that one can download that automatically sync to folders on whatever device you may be using. 

Google Drive also allows you to do editing on documents and you can even create a new document from scratch that will automatically sync. Furthermore, if you are working in a team you can share files and folders easily with other team members who make use of the same software and you can also edit files instantly together with your team members. 

Watch the Mossberg Review (Wall Street Journal) about Google Drive here: 

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a leader in the online storage sphere and this software allows you to save any file and access it instantly across multiple devices such as computers, phones and even on the Dropbox website itself. 

With Dropbox you get 2GB of space free and the software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. What’s really awesome about Dropbox is that it even works when you are offline – you will always have the last ‘sync’ available at a click of a button. And then if you’ve make any changes to your files, when you go online again it will automatically sync and update, saving your changes. Dropbox has the ability to transfer only the part of a file that changes when you update the document and not the whole thing, so in this way it doesn’t hog your internet connection! 

As with Google Drive you can also easily share files and you can also send a link to any file in your Dropbox using the public folder available. 


3. Apple iCloud


Apple iCloud is an online storage facility specifically for Mac users. Apple iCloud does so much more than store your content. It allows you access to your music, photos, calendars, contacts and documents from all your devices at any given moment in time. The iCloud software is also built into every new iOS device and every Mac so your files will easily be updated. 

For example, you can purchase new music on your iTunes account from your Macbook and then in seconds you can have access to those same new beats on your iPhone or any other Apple device you make use of. The same goes for files, photos and contacts. You don’t even need to sync files yourself as Apple updates all files instantly for you. 

Plus, if you’re an app fanatic, now you can easily have all your favourite apps with you on any of your devices. If you download a new app on your iPhone, this app will automatically appear on your iPad, Macbook and all your Apple devices. And because you have already downloaded these aps, you won’t need to pay for these again. 

Additionally, book lovers will adore the iBooks software. If you’re reading a book that you just cannot put down, you can read it on all your devices so no matter where you left off it will automatically open to the page you were last reading. It will also sync all your bookmarks and notes within a book. 

Furthermore, business people will love the fact that iCloud allows you to sync your contacts, calendar and your mails. If you delete a contact, it will be deleted from all your devices – no more duplicate or unnecessary entries. 

Watch how the iPhone 4S makes use of iCloud and syncs files and folders automatically:

4. SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive makes files automatically available on any device you use – no cables or syncing required. This software (geared specifically for the Microsoft user) is similar to Google Drive and allows you to continue editing or adding information to a document from another device. 

A major selling point of SkyDrive is that you get a massive 7 GB of free storage. Microsoft SkyDrive has in fact also been built into Windows 8 and now comes with an instant search facility that lets you find search results from all SkyDrive folders and even from the content within Office documents. There is also a unique drag and drop option which is great if you want to add and upload multiple files to SkyDrive. 

SkyDrive is no longer the underdog – it is fast becoming a leader in the online storage space for Microsoft users. 

5. Box

Box is an online storage facility perfect for teams spread across the globe. It makes online collaboration highly meaningful and consolidates your content online. Working as a team has never been easier! 

Box gives users 5 GB of storage space completely free. You can access your files from any location and you can create comments, share bookmarks and manage document workflow by using tasks. You can even assign and manage tasks, integrate your files with Google Docs and track different file versions available. 

Box has the features of an online storage facility plus a myriad of specific tools which are ideal for team collaboration. Box takes online storage space to new heights. 


What online storage option do you use? Is there a system that people do not know about? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

Posted by on Sept. 10, 2012, 10:09 a.m.

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Free Online Storage Options 2012
Posted by Elizabeth on Sept. 10, 2012

Free Online Storage Options 2012
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